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In 2015, the United Nations Improvement System (UNDP) noted that obtain to basic rights such as overall health, instruction and employment was turning into ever more hard for women of all ages in the country of Panama. Urracá was a Ngöbe cacique who bravely defeated the effectively-armed Spanish conquistadors tries to make inroads into Panama and through Central The usa by setting up alliances with other indigenous peoples to struggle off the Spanish invasion. Customarily, this exercise is located in […]

Equivalent Cultures, Traditions, Customs, Music And Dance

She’s a platanos-frying, malta Dukesa-drinking, salsa-dancing Mamacita – my dark-skinned Panamanian mother. Although volunteering in Panama, my wife and I have come across a assortment of amazing flowers. As any visitor to Central America will know, the biological diversity identified everywhere in Central America and specifically in the rain forests will totally astound those who take the time to look. This is the land of orchids – several of them rare, of flowers of each and every shape and color, […]